After working with Maithili, I am more compassionate to myself. I realized that I don’t need to depend on others to change. I can change me. I had an epiphany that I can do it. I can maintain control of myself. I don’t have to revert to how I related in the past. I am very grateful.
– Alice, Customer Service Representative

Maithili helped me getting over a past relationship that ended abruptly and unexpectedly. It helped to have a checklist to work through my feelings to focus them away from negative ones and to what I wanted. Later it helped with another stressful experience. I was so glad that I knew what to do. I could decide where to put my energy.
– Billy A, Engineering Designer

It was my privilege to work with Dr. Fulton, she is kind and patient. Each of our discussions were very meaningful, but the discussions that were of particular focus to me were about letting go, even if it’s for 10 seconds, it’s a start. Another one was about being responsible for one’s own healing. Don’t underestimate yourself.
– Michael M, Commercial Airline Pilot

Dr Fulton provides a kind but realistic assessment of mental blocks, where they come from, and how to get rid of them. Get free, stay free.
– JT, Writer and Entrepreneur